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"Everyone is bitter and angry and they have this angst nowadays, but they don't know what they are angry at. When someone says something, people can tend to automatically take it as a slight but if we say that person isn't trying to be mean, they are just a little clumsy, the word gives the inherant ability to forgive and so we liked it," -Mike Turner



Superman's Dead

Do you worry that you're not liked
How long till you break
You're happy cause you smile
But how much can you fake
An ordinary boy an ordinary name
But ordinary's just not good enough today
Alone I'm thinking
Why is superman dead
Is it in my head
We'll just laugh instead
You worry about the weather and
Whether or not you should hate
Are you worried about your faith
Kneel down and obey
You're happy you're in love
You need someone to hate
An ordinary girl an ordinary waist
But ordinary's not good enough today
Doesn't anybody ever know that the world's a subway

Automatic Flowers

And Sara thinks she's died here once before
She's crazy
A pop-up book of flowers from grade 4
Are driving her insane
No one knows why
She's sad tonight
No one can help her find
Crying, she couldn't afford the view
Crying, these automatic flowers won't do
Another brick
Another window frames the confusion
Her garden blooms but Sarah can't see straight
She's drinking herself blind


You know you're not a strong man
And you're just about to cry
Hang on it's all right
You worry about the future
The sign said "Yoga Class for Cats"
It's okay
The dynamite is waiting
They bankrupted the sky
You're frustrated by the cracks in the pavement
And every mother's back
Once again the carnival closed down
But if this world ever turns around
You'll be there
When everyone is sane you'll be there

Big Dumb Rocket

I've never seen your breath before
But I'm disgusted by the thought of waiting anymore
If I look up in your eyes
Will you notice me or notice it or
Fade into this accident
I don't want to find
The big dumb rocket on your mind
It's mostly you and mostly me
And a tired gun that's not empty
I've never been this sad before
But I'm disgusted by my fingerprints
And what they've done
If I look into your eyes
If it must be true you must believe
I've never held such violent things
I've never talked to God before tonight
But I'm disgusted by


I walked around my good intentions
And found that there were none
I blame my father for the wasted years
We hardly talked
I never thought I would forget this hate
Then a phone call made me realize
I'm wrong
If I don't make it known that
I've loved you all along
Just like the sunny days that
We ignore because
We're all dumb and jaded
And I hope to God I figure out what's wrong
I walked around my room not thinking
Just sinking in this box
I blame myself for being too much
Like somebody else
I never thought I would just bend this way


So you ****** this up again
It's time for you to leave
You never had many friends
And you thought this was all right
You're rushing to meditate
You should eat but probably wait
You never thought of yourself
Why are you shaking
Why are you right
When I will be the only one who gives
And lets you in tonight
Walk you could never walk away
From this speedfreak collagen
Caffinated place
You were always reaching in
Looking for somewhere to go
Nobody needs to find out
Noboby needs to know what you know
So you wonder about the past
When you know that it's already been
Nothing seems to last
Can it last, will it last


Throw away the radio suitcase
That keeps you awake
Hide the telephone in case
You realize that sometimes you're not okay
You level off but it's not all right now
You need to understand
There's nothing strange about this
You need to know your friends
I'll be waving my hand watching you drown
Watching you scream quiet or loud
Maybe you should sleep
Maybe you just need a friend
As clumsy as you've been
There's no one laughing
You will be safe in here
Throw away this very old shoelace
That tripped you again
Try and shrug it off
It's only skin now
You need to understand
There's nothing fake about this
You need to let me in
I'm watching you

Hello Oskar

Over there well he's wondering
Is Oskar there, is Oskar all right
Was never cool not allowed to fit
He never knew what he liked
Over there he's the rubberman
A rubber dress with Betty Page eyes
Was never cool he'll never settle down
He's not allowed to drive
He'll build a bridge then walk around
Don't ever call him dumb
He's just not himself
I will take you somewhere
Somewhere to unwind
You're tangled up in all this sh**
I will make you mine
Over there he's a superstar
A taximan and a young Einstein

Let You Down

Hey what do you see
It's not me, not me
Why won't you share
It's not fair
There's a bicycle show
Where the bicycle's float
And I wouldn't of cared
I won't be the one who bothers you
I won't be the one who lets you down
Now that you're there
You're not scared
Why would you care
It's your dream, not theirs
There's a cigarette thief
Stealing cigarette disease
I wish I was there

The Story of 100 Aisles

Help yourself
If you know why you came
Cause if you need help she says
There's something I've got saved
This is not what you wanted
These candy coated flakes
This is not what you wanted
This is pain
Anacin, we're stumbling again
It's the story of a hundred aisles
Walk away from simple on a tray
Cause if you need help she says
These fancy pills don't rate
This is not what you wanted
A miracle today
Time is not for sale today
Time seems so far away
You need more than this
Depressed come here try this

Car Crash

Tired and jaded
This road is unsafe
Have you been there
But time is on your side
You're too stubborn to wait
Are you listening
They want you to know
They want you to stay
But it's too much to take
So you're running away
It's more htan I can bear
Car crash, ending your day
At the side of the road
Are you trembling
They'll wake up today
To the papers that say
"Oh well" it was too hard to tell
He was swerving, they were swerving
Much too late