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OLP Word Scramble (answers at bottom)

1) ainre aimda
2) ncaund
3) ikem urnetr
4) ols
5) erejmy agegrtt
6) vnvede
7) lucmsy
8) rnloda anlni
9) yar leirzwuk
10) luataiips snhaeicm

Lyric game

(Name the song that the lyrics are from)

1) Well It's good to know you'll be okay,
2) Do you worry your not liked,
3) Then a phone call made me realize I'm wrong,
4) Mother, she's only yours tonight and she never cries, mother
5) I confess, everyone is overweight and I'm obsessed
6) Hopelessly a man bigins to feed your day
7) Throw away this very old shoelce, that trips you again
8) How many times have you been pushed around
9) Well I promised I would change but I'm an asshole and I'm ashamed
10) Hand in hand we walk pretending
**Bonus** You can't change my mind if it dosen't want to,will we ever get out of hear...(clue: It's not on a album but it has a video.)


OLP word scramble

1) Raine Maida
2) Duncan
3) Mike turner
4) sol
5) Jeremy Taggert
6) Naveed
7) Clumsy
8) Arnold Lanni
9) Ray Kurzweil
10) Spiritual Machines

Lyric game

1) In repair
2) Superman's Dead
3) 4am
4) Julia
5) Happines and the Fish
6) Birdman
7) Clumsy
8) Life
9) Middle of yesterday
10) Denied
**Bonus** Out of here