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"Naveed is the ancient Middle Eastern name for bearer of good news. We took the concept of Naveed and placed it into the dark optimism of our music. Naveed is a constant quest to obtain knowledge, possessed with the desire to grow mentally and spiritually. We have forced Naveed to travel the distance between mysticism and bitter reality." - Raine Maida



The Birdman

Hopelessly a man starts to feed your day
Once he was there you never looked back
How did you think that his words might just fade away
He seemed harmless enough so you let him in and now you'll pay
I can't see him but he's stalking my thoughts
How does it feel when you can't concentrate?
I just stare
All of your daydreams are a seesaw for him to play on
How does it feel when he calls your name
You can plug your ears but it's not the same
How does it feel when he pulls you back
Nobody's wrong, nobody's right, the birdman wouldn't lie
Nobody's wrong, nobody's right
But I just can't trust him tonight
How do you forget a stranger that plagues your days
We arm ourselves when there's nothing to fear, right?
How does it feel when it comes to pass there's something there
But it's not quite right
How does it feel, does it make you mad?


I've read the bible, I've read Dylan,
I'm reading people now
Because it's much more chilling
I sit on a satellite
With the stars made of gold
There's life through that hollow lens
I know supersatellite
I watch the traffic,
I find the seeds
There's one man in particular
Who's not what he seems
I can't focus in
On the lies in his head
He's convinced that his blood is blue
But it's red, supersatellite
Nothing dazzles me, I am in his dreams
Nothing is shocking, transparent human being
On the soul inside the world
Far better than the eye inside the mind
**** you, I am you, you hear me
Stop crying, stop crying


I let go of the world that was holding
A passenger that could not fly
In search of souls
Souls in search of something
Let it go, let it slide
When I find out what went on
I'll bring it back
It won't be easy
They won't believe how a man
He could drown in a starseed
I hoped to find why this world wasn't glowing
Glowing it darkens as we end this ride
I've fallen back under the equator
I'm back inside, I'm back inside
When I find out what went on
I'll bring it back but it won't be easy
They won't believe the man he could
But I'd choose starseed over nothing


Hope climbs atop of the piano
Reaching out towards the warmth of the sun
Some man tries to ask her down
But now maybe that's where she belongs
My God, she said,
I'm the sunflower who wants
My God, he said,
This woman is gone
Into the dark, is there anybody there
My God, she said,
He climbed up top to find that she was slipping
Let her go, let her go, let me go
How long must we leave before we're winning
They don't know, they don't know, they just don't know
If she can't be there, I know it's best that
Nothing is denied
If she can't be there it's best that
Everyone change sides


Are you there, and is it comfortable?
Did you want to escape, try to escape the population?
The pressure is deceiving,
And for you particularly should we let a young man die?
Let him die if he wants to?
I can't live here anymore
It's hard when you reach for that floor and
And there's something that tears me inside, so I can't go
Brother, are you there?
Now tell me is it wonderful
Or were you hoping to find something a little more?
Climbing down the hours I need to know now
Do the hands of time only rule this chapter
I'll have to try once again, I'll have to try when I want to
There he's on his knees again
Trying hard to understand
Why Naveed would let a young man die
Convinced that he might break he reaches for that phone
And then another day has gone

Dirty Walls

So you feel that stain of dried up discussions without weight
It's that feeling you will not have to destroy
It's that feeling that you will not have to ignore
The dirty walls
So you've been plagued, but is everything okay
I cannot bear the shallow words they throw
It's that feeling that you will not have to employ
It's that feeling that you will not
It's got to go
This conversation is going nowhere
It's transparent as ****
This conversation must be over
Because all I see is mud


The telephone is ringing, disconnect the line
The tension is building, but I'm all right
The stars are colliding, so you might as well let me go
The television is burning because I set it on fire
The wheels they keep turning, but I'm fine
What about the questions we have locked up inside
Somewhere, somehow
We've been denied
Hand in hand we walk behind pretending,
Defending while our souls are tied
It's only the third hour, my conscience subsides
But something reminds me that you lied
What about the consequences?
This can't be right

Is It Safe?

Time can't fix it fast enough,
So we won't notice what it was that went wrong
I saw something there much too familiar
A butterfly with a broken wing
She's fallen under, she's past the end,
Communication is down again
The scars have healed but they're back again
We've got to believe this man must bend
Because if you could you'd try and destroy her
And there we would be with nothing at all
Is it safe to be a man
When you're tired and lonely
Only the confident know where to stand
Is it safe to be a man
When the world is loaded with thousands
That can't figure out just what they did
Time can't fix it fast enough,
So we won't measure just how far below you kept pushing her
You'll have to pay back all of they years that you stole
She's walking backwards,
She's spun around her ears are ringing loud
How does it feel, does it make you mad?
She's on her knees
Please understand how obvious it is
That this man must bend


Can you see her standing there trying to find anywhere
There are floweres in her hand but she doesn't know why
Offered is advice to you but all you do is fake it
Mother, she's only yours tonight and she never cries mother,
I know there is hurt inside Julia
Drowning in her own visions,
She's begging the past to stay behind
There's a black cat in the night,
There's a black cat in the sky
Offered is advice to you, you left but I don't blame you
We're digging up the past to bury it one last time
I know there's pain inside that truth
But you just have to face it

Under Zenith

Maybe they'll come back again, maybe they're all gone
One day you'll find me sending their messages strong
Under your feet the city falls down so far the ground is sky
We're under zenith again,
It's healthy if not for long
Leave a little room for us to breathe
Much more than seven days and you've slipped too deep
Much stronger than sympathy,
Let your best friend pull back that leash
Sitting by a frozen man, someone somewhere has to cry
Were under zenith again let the cycle run we won't die
Leave a little room for us to breathe
I love how you let me fall
Under but not too far
I love how you let me fall
Only now I see where we are
Hold me

Neon Crossing

All you people can feel it waiting
Innocence and love, wrapped in the arms
Of the burning neon
I feel it, I feel it
It's so entertaining and so wonderful
It magically calls for you
Big neon crossing show me the way
Save my soul today
Don't you worry and don't be afraid
Does it send you to the world appealing
Where there is spoken word that I can't take
So I'm the liar, I'm the liar
You'd be so disappointed
To find out that the magic was not
Really meant for you

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