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The Band



Full Name:Michael Raine Maida
Birthday:Febuary 18,1970
Raised In: Weston, Ontario
Family: 1 younger brother,divorced parents, married to canadian singer Chantel Kreviazuk
Education: Studied criminology at the University of Toronto
Influences: Middle Eastern Sounds, Bjork, Sinead O'Conner
Instrument: Vocals and Guitar
Interesting Facts: Raine changed his name to avoid confusion between him and Mike Turner.
Tradmark: Denim jackets,army shirts



Name:Mike Turner
Birthday:June 5,1967
Born in: Bradford, England
Family:3 sisters
Education:Degree in english from the University of Western Ontario
Influences:Punk,Sex Pistols
Trademark:Tinted Glasses,Blond hair



Name:Jermey Taggart
Born:April 7, 1975
Family:1 brother, 2 sisters
Education:High school
Influences:Jazz,The Who
Interesting Facts:Jeremy is allergic to almost everything good (for list see bottom),joined right after completing High school,has two drummer of the week awards from DRUMMER magazine.
Trademarks:Big glasses, big curly hair, shirts with the number 7



Name:Duncan Robert Coutts
Birthday:Febuary 4, 1970
Family:Only child
Education:degree in film making
Influences:Jeff Buckley
Instrument:Bass,keyboard and piano
Joined:1995, replaced Chris Eacret
Interesting Facts:Duncan used to play for a diffrent band called the Blue Heavies,he has worked as a garbage man,taxi driver, set and costumes on TV series "Due South" and costumes on Dudly the Dragon

Jeremy's Alergies

-Hot dogs
-Salami and Peperoni
-Peanut butter
-Some red dye's found in candy
-Apple juice
-Some perfumes

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